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Monday, August 23, 2010

More Stuff That I've Made

A friend asked me to post more of the things that I have made, so here you go!

This is a whole-cloth quilt made with Amy Butler fabric. I sent it away to be quilted, but I cut and sewed the binding myself.

Not too shabby, not too shabby at all. ;)

Here are a couple of tea towels that I embroidered. They are a gift for a friend, but I have yet to mail them. Woopsie-oopsie!

Naughty Kitty and Snooty Poodle.

Doesn't she just look full of mischief?

Naughty; very, very, naughty.

Now, would you just look at this pampered pooch?

Quite snooty, I say, with that nose up in the air.

Both embroidery patterns are from Jenny Hart's Stitch-It Kit.
I love you, Jenny Hart. :)

Now, what have you made lately? I am dying to see! Please, please, leave a comment with a link!


  1. I love these tea towels! So, so cute! When I was younger I did some embroidery, but I haven't done any in ages.

    I like the idea of a whole cloth quilt, too, especially if a quick baby gift is needed (well, minus the sewing on of the binding!).

    Lately I've made another pillowcase and a hair towel for myself. You should be able to link back to my blog and those things will be in the top post.

  2. Here is Sally's link!

  3. Those are fantastic! Your stitching is awesome.
    I've worked on a few cross stitch pieces recently over at my blog...oh and p.s. I'm a new reader :-)