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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Come Shop With Me

Yesterday, I made a deal with the Mr. : I would move my sewing/craft addiction downstairs if we could get a new dining room table. Since then I have been obsessing over tables. I want something fabulous, but with a fabulously low price tag, and I have been surfing every site imaginable without a lot of luck. My house is small, and the dining area is practically nonexistent, so I am thinking something round would be ideal.

I like the idea of a glass top, but the ones that I like are pretty spendy.

Like this one from Broyhill which retails for around $900.
Too rich for my blood.
But lovely; so, so, lovely.

I think a Mirrored table would be oh-so-glamorous.
I adore this one from Z Gallerie
Venetian Dining Table - Z Gallerie
Swoon. But $900? Yowzer.

Whenever I shop, be it in store or on-line, I always seem to come down with a pretty serious case of A.D.H.D. - so while looking for tables I somehow wound up drooling over this bed:
Z Gallerie Ella Bed
Must. Win. Lottery.
Focus, Deb; Focus.

I really do like this table, and at $245 with free shipping the price is right:

Home Styles Furniture Round Pedestal Dining Table in White

But the chairs would run over $300, and they aren't my favorite.

If money were no object any of these chairs would do:

Crystal Chiavari Dining Chair
Home Furniture Showroom

I'll take two in pink and two in green, please; thanks.

I love the Chiavari chairs, also known as ballroom chairs.

This one is only $36

Flash Elegance Supreme Wood Chiavari Chair with Gold Finish
Stack Chairs 4 Less

I just need to find out how much shipping would be.
They come in gold, white, black, silver, fruit wood, and natural.
I am drawn toward the gold; what do you think?

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