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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coffee Filter Flowers and All Things Pinteresting.

I have a new addiction and I know that I am not alone. Pinterest has captured my heart and consumed more than a reasonable (Shhhhh... Don't tell my husband) amount of time from my days. If you are familiar with Pinterest then you may or may not share my infatuation. If not, you need to get on the pin train with the rest of us. ;)

Any-who, a while back we hosted a family reunion at my house. It was a beautiful day full of homemade ice cream and me avoiding having to play BINGO or any other sort of organized activity, for that matter. And because I have OCD and I like to make stuff, I started preparing for this little party months in advance. Buntings, and tissue paper poufs, and coffee filter flowers; lots and lots of coffee filter flowers. I quite literally dyed 2,200 coffee filters. No. Lie. It was time consuming and oddly soothing. And a little messy. Here is a photo of the scene of the craft:

You can see dyed and dried filters on the right, cut filters in the middle, and also the assembled ones, obviously. And truth be told I hadn't thought too much about my garden of filters until tonight when a certain pinner who repinned a pin I had pinned peaked my interest. It was none other than the great and talented Aunt Peaches, who just happened to be the very blogger who inspired my coffee filter flower extravaganza. I felt like a celebrity for a micro second, which is an unfortunate side effect of living in a very rural area. Another one is thinking that a trip to the grocery store counts as a social outing.

Thank you Peaches, for making my day. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Year Later......

How does one start up with a blog again after absolutely no posts for an entire year? I don't know, but here we go...

So much and nothing really happened in the last year. I blinked my eyes and my son graduated from Kindergarten last may and started the first grade yesterday, my daughter is now walking, and my husband and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary. We still live in a little town on the prairie. I still go to the gas station across the street nearly every day to have some sort of social interaction outside of the house. Since we moved to a tiny town in the the sticks where we do not know anyone, speaking to other living, breathing adults face to face seems almost luxurious.

But that will all change in the coming year as we are building a house in my home town next summer. I am very excited, very anxious, and completely obsessed with every tiny detail! So for the past few months I have been quietly scouring home decor blogs and magazines, getting ideas, trying to pin down my style.

Looking back at some of my old posts is kind of funny. Chiavari chairs? Really? I did not end up buying those, don't worry. Every time I see them on a movie, in a magazine, at a wedding I kind of cringe at the thought that I told the whole world that I wanted them for my dining room table!

I will soon have some updates about some of the other furniture makeovers that I have done, and what I have learned in the past year, like when it is OK to use latex when painting furniture, and when it absolutely is not, and why.

So, if anyone is out there reading this, thank you! I can't promise that I will be posting often, but I will try not to go a year between posts again. ;)