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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sneak Peek.....

My grandmother was the classic, stoic Norwegian woman. Like many people of her generation who grew up during the depression, she was frugal. However, the things that she did buy were of good quality. When she passed away, I was lucky enough to get an old Admiral credenza-style entertainment center that she had bought in the late '60's. It has a radio on one side, a turntable on the other, and it once housed a television in the middle.

When we first brought it home, we put our television on top and used it in our living room. It was literally the only piece of furniture in the room. We had no couch, no chair, nothing. So we would lie on a beanbag and watch from the floor. When we finally did get furniture, the credenza was moved to the basement.

Since we have moved, we have used it as a computer desk. Our printer is where the t.v. once was, and our laptop sits on top.

One day when I was fixing some nail pops, my then three year old got ahold of a 5-in-1 putty knife. He then began to carve into my brand new t.v. console, and before I could catch him, he dragged it across Grandma's credenza. I have left it that way for two years, not quite knowing what to do with it. That all changed this weekend when I was looking at paint swatches at my favorite Benjamin Moore dealer, Lamotte's Paint and Glass. Now as the post title suggests, this is only a sneak peek; so here is the before:

and I can't wait to show you the after!

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